If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Tamper With It!

It was a beautiful day today so I decided to take Ryver and Lewis out to see our friend Pam at the King’s Castle in Murray River. She was there with the Families First women and their children.

Now, Ryver doesn’t get out much but when he does he makes the most of it and also goes to bed early for me which is kind of nice. I figured making the most of this sunny day would be nice for all of us.

But…I am not a summer/sunny/bring on the heat kind of gal. Nope. I am more like Bring On The Rain and the Clouds! I like coolness and calm. When it’s sunny and hot I feel sticky and grumpy!

So I only stayed an hour and then I left. On the way home I felt like a bad person, a bad mother. What kind of person doesn’t like the heat or the sun? And what kind of mother doesn’t suffer through it for a longer period of time so that her children can at least enjoy themselves? Well, that’s who I am. And personally I am tired of always feeling so guilty for it. If I like the nice cool breeze and cloudy days, so be it. That is who I am.

However, I have been trying to change this for so long so that I can fit in more. But on my way home today I thought, “Don’t bother!” I am never going to love the sun unless I am at the beach and can lie in it and tan! So whatever, I am going to continue enjoying the cool air! After all, God gave us all seasons for a reason right?


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1 Response to If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Tamper With It!

  1. Jo Jory says:

    You’re not a bad mother. It’s not as though either of the boys are even old enough to remember today at all. You went. You stayed for a very reasonable amount of time considering it was a hot day, and that your children are both under two-years-old. Shoo that Guilt Monster away!

    I can’t handle too much heat without water either. I have actually enjoyed our cooler summer this year…

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