Seeking Advice From Mommies & Women

Yesterday I posted on my Facebook that cleaning was starting to tire me out, and not just “give me some sleep” tired, but literally every aspect of the word. Just sick of cleaning and in the end never seeing any results.

Well today I was watching the Nate Berkus show and if you are a busy mom it’s probably better to stick to mom shows. Because when you are a busy mom who barely has enough time to drink her coffee in the morning, watching Nate and his guests give advice on how to keep your home fancy and your closet full and new projects you can try…wow, I’m tired even typing all that.

So I am here seeking and almost begging for advice from other moms. I know a few mothers who do pretty damn well on keeping their homes clean & organized, keep their kids happy, their men pleased and content, their friends smiling, and themselves beautiful and then even have time for their hobbies like painting or drawing or hosting parties. And because I am a mother who, like I said, can’t even finish her coffee in the morning, I am feeling pretty overwhelmed. I am seeking advice and asking all mothers, “How do you do it?”

Yes, I have two children and many women say two is the hardest, but fact is I am only ever going to have two so I need to work with this. And I don’t have a lot of money so decorating and throwing parties or starting new projects really is hard to do. I kinda feel like (and I know nearly every mom who reads this will know this feeling) I can’t keep anything nice out. My son is going on 2 years old and he gets into EVERYTHING. He climbs up onto the computer desk multiple times a day, he gets into my makeup drawer, he touches my cell phone and anything he knows I don’t want him touching. It’s endless and tiring. And last night was nearly the tip of the iceberg. Already feeling tired out and dragged out, both the boys combined woke up several times and then our power went out around 3am and when it comes back on for some weird reason it turns on our TV, which was loud and woke up Lewis.

So I’m drained and I feel like if I can get an hour to myself each day I am doing pretty good. I am looking for something to keep my sanity. Lately my boys (esp Ryver) have been extremely whiny. I love my kids, I do, but I feel like I am completely losing love for myself. If I have to be honest I would put it that way. I dish out so much love for my boys that I pretty much do forget to love me too. So “meltdown” is putting it lightly.

So if any of you mothers have some advice, please share! Anything. Do you drink? I’ll try that. Do you do yoga, meditate, go for a drive alone? Do your hobbies keep you sane? Do you wake up before the kids to drink your coffee? I mean, what exactly am I missing here? Help!


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