Another Day in Paradise- Decluttering

Yesterday I made a conscious decision to not log onto Facebook everyday. A lot of my life is there: Pictures, friends, stories, notes, games, and status’s…so I will still check in. But I do spend a lot of time there and there is so much else I could be doing so I am going to focus on that. I will, however, take time everyday to write on my blog.

Today since I am not playing around on Facebook (except Scrabble) I have decided to spend some time De-cluttering my home. It is amazing how stuff just develops and before you know it it consumes you. If you are anything like me then the overwhelming amount of junk in the home probably makes you grumpy. For me I feel overwhelme like there is a giant mountain sitting on my shoulders. My head is just filled with finances and bills and stuff I don’t need and stuff I do need. It gets depressing. I like clarity. I like looking around and seeing very little. Like a room with a TV, a couple couches, a coffee table, a couple pictures on the wall, maybe a candle someplace, and a nice light. Something like that anyways. But because I have two children I usually find that my room (living room that is) looks something like: a couple couches,  Toys (a lot of toys), a small bookshelf for the boys books, DVD covers everywhere, an exersaucer, a coffee table, a playpen, a computer desk, etc. It’s pretty packed out!

So today my mission (yet again) is to declutter. Get rid of all that stuff I look at and say, “Maybe I’ll need that one day.” But I have to be creative and just go one room at a time. Then one cupboard at a time. One drawer at a time. One closet at a time. And hopefully by the end of this week my house will be filled with alot less stuff and a lot more happiness 🙂


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