As August comes to a close I am forced to have to use my talent in writing to share what I find “sexy”. Originally I was going to try and draw it but I am a horrible artist. Then I thought maybe I could google it but Google was not speaking my language! So I am here to share what I find Sexy, and it simply is the alphabet. Wait, Wait… I mean just A, B, and a big C.

The letter ‘A’ stands for Admit. Basically admitting to yourself who you are and admitting when you think you’ve failed, admitting your feelings, admitting your desires, admitting where you stand, and admitting the truth. Not being scared of where the truth may get you. Not fearing that being honest and admitting who you are may lead to fewer friendships or less respect. Simply because you are who you are and admitting that takes a lot of strength in a person and strength is VERY sexy!

Now we move on to the letter ‘B’ which stands for Belief. It is so sexy when someone believes in themselves. They believe that they can get there through trial and error. They believe they are strong and admirable. And it is sexy when someone believes in someone else. When someone believes in themselves they are capable of believing in others. And people get father ahead when they feel that someone out there believes in them. So believing in yourself, what you are capable of, and believing in others is truly sexy.

And last but not least, ‘C’ which stands for Confidence. Originally that was my main “sexy” theme. I believe that being sexy on the outside can be done by anyone. But to be absolutely %100 sexy one must first have the Confidence. Basically, to me, confidence is the foundation of sexiness. Standing tall, standing proud, smiling, being honest…well…like the things I said above. But to me Confidence is ultimately the sexiest thing a person can have or a person can share.

I wish I could put all of this in a painting but for now I only have the words. J


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