The Life and Times of Greece

After having decided that Facebook was using up a lot of my time, as was the internet for no good reason, I thought maybe I should use my time more wisely and start educating myself. I wasn’t sure on any particular subject but somehow the idea of Greek food seemed like a good place to start.

My sister, Vanessa, really got into Italian cooking and culture awhile back and has been kind enough to share a lot of what she has learned with me. However, I didn’t want to indulge in that culture since she already had. I wanted something new and fresh. Chinese wasn’t very appealing and North American food isn’t that fascinating either when you’ve been consuming it for 26 years. Not to mention, I have a gluten intolerance so bread and pasta isn’t very appealing to me anymore. (It is but I have to pretend it isn’t simply because I can’t have it.)

Starting when I was just a tween (yes, a tween) I was obsessed with dieting and healthy eating. I knew what the “ideal” woman looked like (on magazines) and that was my goal. So at a pretty young age I was reading diet books, getting tips on healthy eating, trying diets like weight watchers (mind you I had to work with what my parents bought because I wasn’t exactly doing my own groceries). I would read labels off chocolate bars to see which had the least calories. And this grew with me and even to this day is a big part of my lifestyle. Only now compared to back then I am doing a lot less dieting and a lot more eating healthy.

Greece is captivating because even if you don’t know a lot about it there’s still so much you can know. It’s a beautiful part of the world and even here in North America we are fortunate enough to have Greek restaurants. Mind you, now that I have been reading a lot more about their foods I’m a little less impressed with our way of cooking their meals. Obviously we cannot perfect it but I think some restaurants could do a better job at trying.

I’m no where near done reading up on Greek food but I am glad that I chose to do this in my spare time. It has given me a better understanding into their way of living as well as their way of cooking. I do plan on, um, “reenacting” or “bringing their food to life” in my own kitchen very soon (mind you I will have to get over my disgust of olives which will take some time but I’ll get there). I do hope that one day my sister and I can sit down and share stories from both Italy and Greece and I do very much hope to go there one day! But for now pictures on Google will have to do and reading books will have to work.

May I also add one more thing about Greece? I think they have absolutely stunning eyes! Something about Greek people’s eyes make you feel like they are reading your soul every time they look at you.

Onto more reading now 🙂


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2 Responses to The Life and Times of Greece

  1. Angela says:

    I love the greek culture and love greek food at our house….real greek, not the crap you get from village grec. It’s so fresh and delicious!

    • Thanks Ange! I have always been fascinated with the beauty of Greece but only really started learning about their foods recently. I don’t like olives but I do love their salads. I wish I could taste their tomatoes…apparently they are to die for! I’m gonna be doing some serious Greek food making real soon!

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