What if Facebook Came to Life?

As my birthday approaches in just a few short days I am left wondering, Who will wish me a Happy Birthday on Facebook this year? This is not something I ever had to wonder growing up, mind you. In fact, I remember doing the countdown for my birthday in July! And I remember writing down gifts I wanted or imagining the cake or making a list of who I wanted to have at my birthday party.  One year I even threw myself a party and had games (like who could finish the juice in a baby bottle first!). Those were the days! Now I am nearing 27 years old and all I am wondering is who will write on my FB wall.

Last year on my birthday I was actually quite surprised to see the many faces who wrote me. Most of the people (although all on my friends list) were people who I don’t keep in touch with. So it was surprising to see them taking the time to say a simple “Happy Birthday.” It showed me they cared and that they realized I am still around!

Well, this time around another thought occurred to me, What if Facebook came to life? What if on your birthday people who you didn’t normally talk to much called you up to say a simple “Happy Birthday”? What if instead of writing on your status when you evidently were having a bad day, your friends gave you a call or dropped by to see if you were okay? What if instead of getting game invitations almost everyday you got coffee date invitations? What if “Groups” were actually groups of people who got together once in awhile for whatever reason?

We post our lives (pictures, status updates, birthdays, news, phone numbers and email addresses) on Facebook. It’s fun and it’s awarding to be able to have a place to go when we have a quick minute to see what is up with our friends. I personally would not change that for the world because I see it as such a luxury to be able to do that. But I think if I could change things a bit (and so help me God I have been trying lately) I would make sure to send my friends a letter in the MAIL to see how they are doing. I would send them birthday cards (instead of just writing on their wall). I would call them on a rotten day and say, “What can I do to help?” Hopefully I’ll get better at doing this!

While watching Jack Layton’s funeral one thought came to mind, How will people remember me? I’m working on that. I hope that by reaching out more (for real, not just on Facebook) that people will sincerely remember me as a good person.

Here’s to bringing Facebook to life one step at a time! Cheers xox


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