If I Was A PlayBoy Bunny…

Last night I was watching Entertainment Tonight and they were interviewing this “new girl” who is now the “fresh new face” of Playboy,…or something like that. She had everything perfectly proportioned, it could have made Barbie jealous!

I sat there as the ET guy asked her if she got nervous, ever, being naked in front of the cameras and she replied snidely, “No, never.”

Then I said aloud, “Well I wouldn’t be either if I had her body!”

The fact is, they set the bar impossibly high for average women. We are made to feel like these “bunnies” are the norm. I have spent half my life trying to get there, even after having kids, thinking it would be possible to look just as good as, oh..let’s say, Jennifer Anniston or Heidi Klum. But they are women who have the money and the means to have what they have. I mean, if I had the money to hire a personal trainer for $200/hour I probably would! And ya, a nanny to watch my children for an hour or two everyday, that’d be nice too.

But that’s not reality for most of us. Most of us are women who don’t have a lot of money and can barely afford a nice bottle of perfume for ourselves every 3 years! A lot of us are mothers who already have our hands full and call it an excuse or not…we’re too tuckered out to exercise for an hour everyday. We’d rather drink…it’s easier, cheaper, and it takes the edge off. Plus, when we’re tipsy the mirror is nicer to us 🙂

I am slowly learning with time that, although all things are possible if you put your mind to it, not all things are really worth it. I want to be healthy and still be kicking around for years to come. I want to see my kids grow up. So I will eat healthy and take long walks and play with my kids and try to laugh every opportunity I get. I will try to stay strong and smart and healthy and make the most out of my life. But I just don’t think aiming for that “Bunny Body” is worth the stress anymore. Eventually my boobs will sag and my skin will wrinkle, that’s life. But the memories NEVER get old and they never die…

So, be happy…be healthy…and make lots of memories in the process ladies!


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