Good News on Sad Days

Today marks the 10th year Anniversary for the tragedy of 9/11 in 2001. It’s a very sad day for many people who remember the friends and family they lost that day.

In saying that I also have my reservations about how today was organized. About how the firefighters were not invited to this event and a basic question, “Why is Bush giving speeches?” I’ll leave that one at that!

On a sad day though, we do get some good news. Kienan Hebert, the little 3-year-old boy who was abducted from his own home less than one week ago has now been returned home and appears to be in good health!

I am a mother of two baby boys and this case touched very close to home for me. I can’t express the feelings I would be feeling if I knew one of my boys was taken from my own home in the middle of the night by whom they assume (a registered sex offender). I would hold on to hope and pray that I got to see my boy/s again, but the reality is that not everyone gets so lucky. For some mothers, they never get to see their kids again. In a previous post here I mentioned that a mothers child is her soul. If you lose your child, you literally feel as tho you have lost your soul. I am so happy for this mother and I am so happy for this boy that he is alive and well! I hope they put him through some therapy of course because I highly doubt that something like this goes away, even fora 3 year old. But thank God for bringing him home!!

Back to the 9/11 topic, I also have one last thing to add. As we all watch the remembrance of this day, let’s not also forget ALL the lives across the world that are lost everyday from misfortune. People who die from being hit by drunk drivers, officers who are shot on duty, firefighters who lose their lives everyday on duty, people who die from disease, babies who are born “stillborn”. Let’s NEVER forget those people and their lives as well because they are just as valuable as any.


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