What Would Bring You Happiness?

Most of us would answer, “More Money” to this question.

But as I was doing my yoga poses today I thought, What if I had all the money, no bills, and no big fears? What would I do then? It was pretty evident to me, I’d spend more time with family and friends.

Basically, for me, I am easily stressed out by unknown circumstances and all the “what ifs” in the world. I always wonder how we are going to pay all our bills and manage to pay off our credit cards at the same time while also paying for diapers and formula and milk for the kids. It really does stress me out! But if I had our bills paid and no stresses then my life would be peaceful and I think I would smile more and get out more and just really enjoy every moment.

There’s no reason I can’t do that without the money tho, so I wondered what others might do if their financial situation were taken care of and there were no real stresses? Would you go skydiving? Throw a big party? Go on a trip? It’s kind of interesting when you think about it, the answer might even surprise you!

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