Yoga & Discipline

Don’t get me wrong here but I am not the kind of girl that is always self-disciplined, nor have I ever really given Yoga a fair trial. I am more like the kind of girl that needs to feel the burn, like Jillian Michael’s style. And as for being disciplined, I am a pretty far cry from it!

But thanks to my stepmum, Jo, I decided to really give it a try this time and I am quite surprised at the results. I feel great after just a couple days! But there is one major factor and I know I am not the only one who struggles with it…How do I know I am doing it right??

How many breaths should I take. How long should I hold them for? Is my back straight enough? Am I holding this pose right? Should I time it? How do I relax and clear my head?

The thing is, I always assume things are harder than they are and so when they are easy I just assume I must be doing it wrong.

But yoga, for some reason, proved me wrong! It’s an amazing form of exercise. For me, it’s also a HUGE release of stress and nerves. I think that is the biggest reason I am doing it. I have a horribly nasty nervous system and I have yet to find something that helps. I would prefer a happy pill that wasn’t a narcotic but I have yet to find one good one! So I have turned to yoga and I MUST thank Jo for this because she’s really been at this for a long time and everytime she posts it on Facebook it’s like a kick in the ass for me to go do it!

I haven’t quite gotten it perfected and I usually only get 30 minutes in because my boys enjoy taunting me while I am holding poses! But I love it and I highly recommend it to all of you out there! I’ve noticed it is becoming quite the trend as well 🙂 Yay yoga!!



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One Response to Yoga & Discipline

  1. Jo Jory says:

    Glad you are feeling the results already! Isn’t yoga fantastic? There are a few books that get into the anatomy of it, & the one I lent you at one point had a lot of detail on what not to do during certain poses. Check out Yoga journal as well for details on poses… Yoga is a life saver. 🙂

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