Till The Day Endeth..

So vacation is over and life is slowly creeping back to the regular daily ritual. I haven’t written anything since before we left to go to Quebec so I thought I better get on it!

The trip was amazing. For the 1st half we stayed at Mike’s families place which was a blast! Mansonville is small but the views and the people and the family…it was really nice.

For the second part of our trip we stayed at my sisters place which was also a lot of fun. Ryver got to play with his cousins and I learned how to make chocolate, and for those of you who know me well you know that I could live off wine & chocolate.

There wasn’t a day that went by that we didn’t keep busy, which is always a nice thing on vacation. I did more in 10 days than I think I did my whole summer. The weather was beautiful as well. Mind you, the car ride for 13 hours there and then back…well I coulda done without it! Kids don’t do well in cars for that long apparently.

But we’ve now been back on the Island for just over a week (which is usually how long it takes for me to get back in the groove of things) and it’s back to cold weather and housecleaning. Altho we have gone to have supper a couple times with friends and family. I told Mike I want, I need, to make it a habit that we get out more with others. So it’s a goal in process. But not being from the Island and not having a lot of friends here is a little tricky. However, I do appreciate the ones I do have!

It’s been a long week anyhoo. So much has gone on from trying to sell a toddler bed and getting stood up a bunch of times to having a little too much to drink and having the worst hangover of my life the next day. Have I mentioned that Lewis now climbs and holds on to things to stand up and Ryver now knows how to open drawers (trust me it is much worse than it sounds…when your toddler knows how to get into the medicine drawer and knows where the scissors are it’s time to step up my game!). I just keep telling myself I WILL get through this day and when my head hits the pillow I can finally exhale!

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