Sometimes The Hardest Thing To Do Is Breath

Okay, this picture has absolutely nothing to do with my post, at all! But I was looking for a picture to post here and somehow came across this one in Google and had a good laugh!

My mom was a great mom but I do remember always thinking I would never wear those jeans! I am definitely going to “tag” my sister in this post…I think she made the same promise!

But moving on to more major things than mom jeans….

Yesterday was a hard day. Both my boys were pretty whiny all day and it got worse as the day proceeded. And sometimes even with a drink or two all you really desire is SLEEP! I did manage to get them both down by 10pm and then I rushed to bed! Usually I would stay up and enjoy the quiet but last night I was zombie-like.

Today started off on a better note. I did get some cleaning done and managed to eat breakfast with my coffee. But then I tried to do dishes and Ryver is now at the age where if I do laundry or dishes he wants to help. With Laundry he “folds” (rolls into a ball) it for me and with dishes he likes to put things in the sink for me.

As a mother (Whoa, I just typed “monster” by mistake! Good thing I caught that one!) I know I should appreciate these little moments, and sometimes I do. But other times I am blinded by the generosity of my son and all I can see is the dishwater he has gotten all over the floor or how I have to re-fold his laundry about 3 times.Well, today when he was trying to help with dishes I guess I just had it and I got upset and took him off his chair and we left the kitchen (there is now a lock to the kitchen door for my convenience) and I locked it. I had to watch as he cried and at first I thought “Suck it up!” but then it hit me, what the hell am I doing? I am his mother and I should be so proud that he is only making a mess because he WANTS to be next to me helping with dishes.

Some days I find it easy to see the humor or the joy in little things, like when he was sliding around in raw egg on the floor or when he pooped in the popcorn machine. But other days it’s just hard to breath! Let alone muster up a good laugh.

I know his time as a child is limited and I don’t want him growing up not having a fun childhood because his mommy was too per-occupied with cleaning and his dad was always at work. I want to be a cool mom. I want to give my kids fun & freedom and a sense of living. I also want to teach them respect so they know where to draw the line. Cause even tho some things are funny at home it doesn’t make them funny at someone Else’s home.

I think one day I may get a tattoo on my wrist that says “Breath” so I will always be reminded to take that breath and enjoy that moment. One thing I will never get tho are mom jeans…I still hold true to that promise! 🙂



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