“What Got Me Through It Were The Women…”

Yesterday I was watching Entertainment Tonight (You would too if you only had 4 channels) and they were showing Jennifer Lopez giving a speech at the Glamor awards. At one point she talked about her “Ups and not-so-ups” this years and she mentioned that one of the main things that got her through those rough times were the women in her life.

That’s when I was like, I gotta blog about this!

I’m a woman so I know (as well as all of the women out there) how valuable the friendships of other women in my life mean. How much of an impact they have on my life.

Being a mom now, too, it’s important that I have strong friendships with other moms who can pull me out of my slumps and out of the tough days so I can move on to the next. I’m not saying males can’t have an impact, cause they can. But women have a natural bond to begin with. We can be bitchy, we can be bitches, and we can back stab one another (hence the reason so many women might prefer male company over female company) but deep down there’s a bond that can’t be broken simply because we know one another. We understand one another. We all go through PMS, we all eventually go through menopause. We know the battle of weight gain/loss. We give birth to babies. We age. We get our hearts broken. We love shoes and shopping. And we have an unspoken language that only other women can read.

So ladies, be thankful for your female friends. And if you feel up to it…maybe send them a message to let them know the impact they’ve had on your life.

For now,


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