Paying It Forward-Sometimes the smallest thing can make the biggest difference!

A long time ago I watched the movie ‘Pay It Forward’ and I am pretty sure we’ve all seen this movie so no point in telling you what it’s all about!

Well the other day a lady and her husband came by to buy some furniture and things off me and they had read that my coffee maker was broken. I love my coffee in the morning! Especially on the one day where I had a million things to do. But, alas, that was the day it chose to break.

Well they decided after reading that post that they would go buy me a coffee and so when they showed up and handed me a Tim Horton’s coffee, I was all smiles.

Later when I was driving to go pick up the kids at Grandma’s house I could not stop thinking about how this one random act of kindness made me want to go out and do something nice for someone. I always think about it because I sometimes see on Facebook that someone is having a bad day or going thru a rough time and I think, just one small little thing (Maybe a bottle of wine or a coffee or some chocolates or some chicken noodle soup) may change heir day or even their week!

Sometimes life gets busy, and I know that! I have two kids who keep me on my toes. But some of the best memories of my life were when my life wasn’t so cluttered with material things and cell phones and Facebook and what not. When I had very little to call my own, those were the times in my life I gave the most. I feel like I have lost some of that in piling up so much clutter in my own life, I have lost the me that I once loved dearly!

I spoke to my boyfriend today. We just bought a house. I asked if he would be okay with going back to basics. An emergency-only cell phone in the car, a home phone & internet but NO TV. Just limited back to basics lifestyle. I want to go back to the days when I had so little that I respected and appreciated what I had, like friends and family and time outside and writing (I miss writing!).

All this came out of one Tim Horton’s coffee! And it’s made me realize that maybe I don’t do enough appreciating for the people I hold so close to my heart.

From now on I do plan (maybe early New Years Resolution) to de-clutter every aspect of my life and learn to open my eyes to all the things I love and all the people I love who love me back. And to get my ass out there and give as much as I can with no expectations of getting anything in return. When my time comes to say good bye here on earth I hope I can look back through my life and feel like I used my time wisely and made the most of this crazy thing we call life on Earth!

Man, coffee can go a loooong way, can’t it? 🙂



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