While we were driving back from Town today I heard some stats on the radio about Facebook and thought they were, well, a bit sad!

Apparently some %30 of people are now asking IN job interviews if there is any Facebook access allowed on the job.

Others are offering their knowledge of social media sites claiming it will come in handy for the company.

I love Facebook, I do. But lately I have been struggling with it and I don’t know why. For instance, the other day Mike and I were talking and I mentioned I wanted to do a major facebook friends deletion! Not because I am angry but I am at a point in my life where I want to give my time (a valuable and irriplacable gift) to the people in my life who deserve and who want it. I have over 200 friends on Facebook and I rarely ever hear from half of them. That’s when he agreed but then mentioned, “Just don’t delete “this” person because they might get mad and it could cause problems…” I said I wouldn’t delete them, even tho they are one of the people who never talks to me, just snoops thru my pics and status’s and could probably care less about me as a person.

I guess this is where I am torn because the logical side of me says that I make the decisions for my life, not others. And how is it fair or even, what’s the word I am looking for, um, smart I guess to keep someone on my Facebook which ultimately is my life (yes, my life is all on there!) when they don’t care to be there for the right reasons? But on the other hand I get it, I get that people can be busy and blah blah blah.

Like I have mentioned in my other posts, I miss letters and phone calls and visits. And when I get them I cherish them. When I am on my death bed or just getting old and looking back on my life, I want to remember coffee with friends and hugs and pictures and phone calls. I don’t want to look back and remember my life being just a stupid social media life. When my funeral comes I don’t want it to be an “event” on Facebook or have people there who never cared about me.

Whoa, I am getting wayyyy too deep and off topic now. What I am trying to say is, look where we’re at and how far apart humanity is getting. My kids, I want them to have the childhood and the life I had, the memories and the one on one friendships. But I am scared to think that is becoming less and less popular now.

I am still going to try and limit my time online. I am going to try and make more phone calls to people I care about and go visit people as well. I think it’s more important than pretending I know them because I read their updates everyday.

I do love Facebook and have no plans on deleting my account, but for my own sanity I am going to start making some changes. SO in a little while if you are still on my friends list, count yourself special 🙂


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