The Perfect Shape

Call me insecure, but I was a little appalled today by something that was mentioned by Sherry on The View. They were introducing a Health & Fitness expert to the show and Sherry said something along the lines of, “He’s helped celebrities such as Hally Berry and Lady Gaga whip themselves into perfect shape.”

The words “perfect shape” almost slapped me across the face. I have heard that phrase hundreds of times and never thought twice about it. But today it hit me and I thought, who the hell ever said there was a perfect shape? Truthfully, there isn’t! Every body is so unique and different from the next. There are general body types, of course. But the perfect shape…who’s to judge?

There are some women (even in Hollywood) who bust their ass working out everyday and still are pear shaped or have curves. There are pregnant women, women with thyroid problems, and women who think curves are just plain sexy. So who came up with this idea that a person like Hally Berry or Lady Gaga should be presented with the medal of “perfect shape”. That’s like teaching our children that only the rectangle is a shape and that circles and squares aren’t.

Recently the singer Rihanna was on Ellen and for those of you who haven’t heard, she was named Sexiest woman of the year. Although I am completely against those stupid things, I do like what she had to say to Ellen when asked if she felt some of her provocative pictures were giving out the wrong message to her younger fans. She stated that at first it did but the pictures were about individuality and exploring who you are and being okay with it; being in love with you. Now, of course I am not blind to the way things are, celebs will say anything to cover their backs and make themselves come out the hero’s, but it’s a strong and true statement.

There is no “perfect shape”. The perfect shape is what you feel most comfortable as. It’s who you are. It’d loving who you are. It’s just as much about the curves and love handles as it is about the stick thin and the size 0’s.

Personally the biggest thing I have struggled with since having kids is trying to find my own individuality again. Trying to feel sexy and womanly. Trying to get out of the slump that I am in which is feeling like I am just a wife, a mother, a sister, a step-daughter, and and aunt. They are all great things but every woman NEEDS to feel her own; needs most importantly to feel like a woman.

So explore your individuality and your sexuality. Don’t be afraid to stand naked in front of a mirror. You are what you are and if the perfect shape ever becomes real & available, please let me know! 🙂


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