A Man Builds The House, A Woman Builds The Home

So it has been a little while since I last posted. The reason is because my boyfriend/common law partner & I just bought our first home. Actually I should say house. I think a home is anywhere the heart is and any place can be made a home. So this is our first house; we own it.

The house is about 15 minutes from where we lived last and I am loving it. We are now in the country with some pretty awesome neighbors and very little noise and quite a bit of land to let the boys run around. Sure, the house isn’t perfect. It needs some work and it doesn’t have a lot of storage (or maybe I just have too much junk). But it’s cozy and I really do feel at home here.

Recently Mike (my partner) and I came to an agreement that it would be better for me to stay at home with the kids than to go back to work (daycare is pretty expensive here). So I’ve been at home enjoying this time I have with my kids while they are still young.But we all have our days and our moments as stay at home moms where we feel like we should still be doing more. So I took the advice of my stepmum and bought the book Happy Housewives by Darla Shine. It opened up my eyes to a new world. Although I could not take everything she said in stride (a housewife who’s husband makes a six figure income and lives in suburbia is a far fetch from a stay at home mom who’s husband makes a five figure income and is on a tight budget), there was a lot that she said that just made sense. Here I was for the last year (since the birth of my youngest) wearing PJ’s all day and trying to figure out what I could do with my time at home. Darla talks about NOT wearing PJ’s all day, stressing the fact that you should pretty yourself up a bit everyday as to feel better about yourself. She also makes a point in explaining that housewives should be proud of what they do, after all…we are raising the future generation! One of our kids could become president or the next Steve Jobs.

I realized after reading her book that it is important for me as a woman to take care of myself, to dress nice, to have great sex (yes, I said it) (and what woman doesn’t want to keep her man happy?), to make time for myself, to keep friends and make new friends, and to take all the time in the world to play with my kids!

Men and women are different, very different. In saying that, it’s the reason for the title of this blog. Men build houses while women build homes. It makes sense.
I do suggest that if any stay at home mommies out there get the chance to read that book, you should. Even if only one chapter sticks out at ya, it’s worth the $6.00 bucks.

Happy Housewife and Mother,

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