Secrets and SeductionThere are secrets each of us carries around with us in life and in death. Secrets in which we refuse to let anyone in on. Perhaps it is because we feel we could hurt people by exploiting ourselves. Perhaps we would rather keep our image than to let the world see us as we are. Perhaps the secret(s) is/are so dark that people would disown us if they knew. Or maybe the secret we hold dearest to ourselves is the one that would make people see us in a different light forever.

Perhaps some things are better left untold.

Perhaps the secret you hold dearest and darkest is something you feel. Perhaps it is something you did. Perhaps something you’ve said. It eats at you during the day and it sleeps with you at night. But you refuse to let it get the best of you.

Secrets don’t have to be told. Some are better left unsaid. Even if we are dead people can still view us differently and lose respect for us. Fell sorry for us. Love us less or love us more. Death does not end who we are, it just means our physical selves are no longer around to defend themselves. We are still very much alive to those who loved us, those who will always love us. So we choose to keep that image alive, the image of how our friends and loved ones see us. Why would we want them to see the dark side of us? We all have untold secrets, some shameful and some pleasant. Memories that have passed, friends that have come and gone. We all have a story. In that story we may leave chapters out. We are human, it’s natural to want to protect the one thing we love most; Ourselves.

We dance round in a ring and suppose, While the secret sits in the middle and knows.
-Robert Frost


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