You Are Where You Live

This morning I woke up with an interesting thought and I wanted to share it here with all of you.

All my life I have never really had a place I called “Home” or “my Own”. Growing up we moved a lot from place to place and province to province. Then when I finally moved out on my own it was always to different apartments and usually only for a year at a time.
I lived with a couple men while I was dating them, but again it was never my own place. And then Mike and I lived in an apartment together for 2 years with the kids, but it was still just an apartment. And now we have a house, a place to call our own, but I still found something…..

I’ve never fully re-designed, painted, decorated, etc the places where I lived at because I never owned them so I never saw a point. I figured I’d move out eventually so why waste all my money, time, and effort on a place that would never be mine? Now I have a house that IS mine and the other day I still managed to find something.Mike was washing down one of the walls cause it was dirty and I said, “Who cares, we’re just going to tear them down eventually anyways.” Which is true, we do plan on renovating the inside of the house in a year or two.

But this morning I woke up and it hit me that the way we take care of our homes, regardless of whether they are temporary or permanent, apartment or house, is kind of how we take care of ourselves. When I lived in apartments I didn’t see the point for me to paint or decorate because I figured I’d move out eventually anyways. I’m now in a house where I’ll be (hopefully) for 30 years or more and still I find myself making excuses.

It’s the same with myself. I don’t take multivitamins, I eat perhaps once a day because I am never hungrier than that, I don’t eat organic or free range because it costs too much, I don’t exercise because (well let’s not go there, I could find a thousand ‘because’ excuses), and I don’t get much sunlight because I prefer being indoors regardless of the season.

Our bodies are temporary, of course. We’ll all die one day, some of us will get wrinkly and old and saggy, we’ll break hips, we’ll go bald (well, men will lol). But do we or should we live our lives telling ourselves that maintaining our health and beauty doesn’t matter because one day we’re going to die anyways? Or why take care of our skin cause eventually it will wrinkle? We take care of ourselves (most of us) because we want the most that we can get out of life. We want to be beautiful and smart and successful. We want to take life on and live it at it’s max! So our homes should always be the same, no?

My house, as it is right now, has holes in the walls and stains as well. It has a furnace in the kitchen, a packed out and dirty laundry room, dirty blinds, etc…it’s not perfect. Neither am I. But my job isn’t to make it perfect. My job is to make it the best home that I possibly can. To keep it clean, to make memories here, to make it my kids home (their foundation). My job is to wash the walls and leave the stains alone. It’s not about making it flawless, it’s about making it the heart of this family.

My body isn’t flawless and never will be either. There are things physically I would change about myself and there are things I try everyday to mentally/emotionally change about myself. But I think overall, just like my home, I love what I have. And that’s what having a home is about. That’s what having a body, a life, is about. Loving what you have and working with it instead of against it.

Have a happy home, Have a happy body, Live well!

P.S. This will be my last blog for 2011! So Happy New Years to you all and thanks to each and every one of you who reads this blog 🙂

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