“I’m Going On A Diet”…And Other Lies I Tell Myself!

Back when I lived in British Columbia I’d heard this pastor, Greg Laurie (he was one of my favorites) make a joke about writing a book called, “I’m going on a diet…and other lies I tell myself.” I thought it was funny back then as much as I find it funny now.

I go through these spurts every so often where I want to just be %99 percent healthy and %1 chocolate eater. Considering wine is pretty healthy I don’t feel the need to mark that off my list 😉 But chocolate (the kind I like) sadly is full of sugar and carbs (but hey, maybe if I stick to Snickers…it does have peanuts after all and those are full of protein).

Every time I go through one of these “spurts” I start going Google-crazy and researching all kinds of fad diets, exercises, tips. And everytime for the last ten years I’ve always found the same answer to the same question.

Although there is great meaning and full potential with programs such as Weight Watchers (and some people need a program in order to stick to their guns), there are a few tips to stay healthy and lose weight that you don’t have to pay for and they will never go out of style. The only hard part is being disciplined and staying true to your body, because no matter what it is your doing, eating healthy and living a healthy clean lifestyle isn’t easy.

So here’s the basic things I have always found online and in reading. They are kind of a one size fits all but to each his own, right?

1. Drink plenty of water. But when they say 8 glasses a day, keep in mind each glass refers to 8oz which is one cup in measurement. It’s not a whole lot.

2. (Boo!) Exercise. The hardest one of all!! Doesn’t matter what you do, just move your ass!

3. Eat more Fiber. This one is the one I always find when I am trying to figure out how to get a flat stomach.

4. Limit red meats, eat more lean meats (chicken or turkey), and eat Fish a couple times a week.

5. Take a multivitamin daily. Since it’s hard to get all the good stuff in our food nowadays, every “diet” should be supplemented with a good multivitamin.

6. Go Brown. Eat more whole grains. So brown rice, brown bread, brown pasta..etc. MIND YOU, this is hard to do if you have to or choose to live gluten free (trust me). Quinoa (pronounced Keen-wa) is an option for all us gluten free folk but its also an option for everyone! And don’t overdo it with wheat products. Although they are healthy, too much is still too much!

7. LIMIT your sugar intake. Simple, processed sugar turns to bad fat. That’s all you need to know. So stick to Stevia or something alike. If you have to eat processed sugar it better be a damn good reason 🙂 Like chocolate!

8. More fruits and veggies. I have always found this one hard because I feel overwhelmed, like I should just live in the produce isle and eat stuff from there all day. But don’t be a fool like me…make it simple on yourself. Eat an apple a day. Or stick some broccoli in your pasta dish. You decide what you like and then eat it. Doesn’t have to be every fruit and every vegetable! That would be costly!!And always wash it and leave the peels on because that’s where the most fiber and vitamins are.

9. Reduce, don’t eliminate. No one can live the rest of their lives fully content by passing up the good stuff all the time. Plus, when you say no to yourself you just want it more. NEVER make healthy a punishment. Make it a priority and do the best you can, but by all means do not pass up a great piece of chocolate cake just because of your diet. That’s stupid and you’d be a fool. On the other hand, don’t eat the whole damn cake!

I am sure I could add much more to the list (limit salt intake, blah blah blah) but these are the things that come to the top of my head when I go back ten years worth of research. It’s still hard but it’s basic and it can be done. I think the last one is the most important. When I WANT to do something, it’s easy and I am happy. But when I DON’T want to do something and start forcing, it doesn’t work.

So happy eating and best of luck! Hope this helped a tad bit 🙂


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One Response to “I’m Going On A Diet”…And Other Lies I Tell Myself!

  1. Nass says:

    Very well written Tanya. I agree with it all. In our home we follow all those steps and feel so good. I always thought “food is fuel for your body”, and I wouldn’t put bad fuel in my porch! 😉
    One of the things I’ve come to love is making things home-made. So much better for ourselves. Example, breaded chicken or “chicken nuggets” much better to do ourselves. Or make dips for our veggies ourselves. Etc. Etc. It seems costly sometimes and that’s where it’s tricky. I have to plan out meals and (for example) if I do buy some sour cream for veggie dip, I’ll have some left over, so what can I do with it? By preparing these foods ourselves we can add a little touch of garlic or parsley which is sooo good for you and much better for you fresh than that chemical pre-made stuff we buy in stores.
    Exercising is always hard the first while. But I think we keep going after we see how big of a change it creates in us, mentally and physically!
    Great blog!

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