I <3 Myself

I’ve had two coffee’s today and sworn both times to sit and blog but I couldn’t think of what to write. I only write something when I am inspired, like an artist I guess.
Well, just now I was writing a comment on Facebook and right away thought, “There’s what I wanna post about!”

A friend of mine made a remark about Virgo’s and I replied, “I hate being..” and then it struck me. I have (as we all have) struggled (and still do) to figure out who I am and why I’m here and what to love about myself. Its so easy to pick at everything we hate about ourselves. For instance, I could name a few things right now…

1) I have social anxiety, hypochondria, and I have a hard time saying no. I hate all those traits.

2) My hair takes forever to grow and what women doesn’t love to have long beautiful locks?

3) I analyze EVERYTHING and it is soooo annoying, even to me.

Those are just a few things I pick at, very random! But today when I was writing about how I am a perfectionist and I hate it, I thought But that’s just who I am! Ya, so what I don’t make great conversation and I can be shy and I can over think things and I have a quick temper sometimes and I always think I have a sickness that isn’t really there! These, as sucky as they can be, are things that make me who I am. And I can either live the rest of my life hating them or I can accept them and laugh them off. It’s funny when I get mad (sometimes)…ask my sibblings, they have seen it. It’s funny when I think I am going to die because I have a headache from not eating (okay not so funny when you’re me but if your someone else then I am sure it’s funny).
What I am saying is basically this: The next time you catch yourself saying “I hate…” whatever about yourself, stop and realize that it’s who you are. If it’s bad and you hate it, then work on it.

You and I will never be able to change who we are but we can certainly work on certain things we may not like. It’s like anyone who’s overweight or wants to lose a few pounds…the weight doesn’t define who we are because it can be lost with hard work. Same with anything else. A hypochondriac can seek help in cognitive therapy. Anger can be dealt with in anger management. Short hair can have extensions added on. With a little TLC it can be done.

So today I sign off by saying this: I love me. I love the quirks, the perks, and the jerks. I love my good behavior and my character. And you should too, it’s why people hang out with you, put up with you, and love you.


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