The Devil’s Hideout

We all picture the Devil as this weird red man with horns growing out of his head and claws of death! But if it’s true that he tricked Eve in the Garden of Eden by turning himself into a snake, and if it’s true that he used to work side by side with God then I’d like to consider a new theory.

If a robber told you a date and time of when he was going to break into your home, you’d be ready for him…baseball bat in hand! Assuming the Devil is a lot smarter than we give him credit for, consider this:

What if (not really what if cause it’s mostly true) the Devil hides out where we aren’t really looking? He hides out in power, in greed, in selfishness, and in money. He doesn’t come out to play in the dark, like we’d expect, but he comes out in pure daylight. I could name a few ways regarding the System but I won’t go there since there’s not much freedom in speech anymore.

When I think of the devil (I won’t even say who comes to mind first!) I think of a being that enjoys watching people become greedy and selfish and crude and evil. I think of a being who enjoys watching people be anything but good. I think of a being who, okay, here’s an example no one will like, a being who disguises himself as God…let me explain…through Christmas…let me explain! A being who takes something that could be good and adds a whole bunch of shit to it. Christmas, hmm, the day people celebrate Jesus’ birthday? Can’t have people doing that! But they are going to do it anyways so lets add a lot of greed…let’s have people spend Billions of dollars on things they don’t need. Let’s have people buy for people they don’t even like. Let’s take this good thing and just make it greedy. That’s how I see the Devil…not changing good to bad but taking what’s already good and adding bad-ness (it’s not a word, I know) to it.

The Devil isn’t a guy with horns who runs a fire pit! He’s the dark haired mysterious guy we all get curious about and fall for. Because I am pretty sure if he really was as scary as we make him out to be (like in the picture above) there’s no way we’d go near him! Eve saw a snake and that’s what he is…a snake in every meaning of the word but he looks a whole lot more tempting and hides out where we’d least expect it.

Make any sense? It’s just a theory! 🙂


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2 Responses to The Devil’s Hideout

  1. Katie says:

    Enjoyed reading this. The Bible gives many descriptions of Satan and he has more than one name. I think my favorite description of him I found in 1 Peter where it says that the devil is like a roaring lion ready to devour his prey.

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