Here’s what happened:

Mike has been wanting a dog for over a month (well longer but especially since we decided to buy this house). But I am a very picky woman and have said no to just about every cat, dog, and fish that he offered.

Then yesterday he saw this Beagle online that needed a new home and right away I just knew this was the pup! It was trained and cute and all the good stuff. So we sent off an email and made a call and by supper time we found out the dog was ours if we wanted it.

So we made arrangements to go pick it up last night. We drove all the way to Summerside, took a wrong turn, got lost by about 15 minutes, had to turn around, finally found the house, got the pup, drive 1.5 hours back home with a very energetic dog on my lap who has claws because he hasn’t had his nails cut yet. It was long to get home, trust me! Then Ryver woke up and saw the dog so he wanted to stay up and play with him. We didn’t get to bed till after midnight!!

Then this morning the owners were very regretful and offered to give our money back if they could come by and get their dog back because they realized they had made a mistake. It was hard to say yes because I saw how happy this dog made Ryver and they had so much fun playing together! But I felt I had to say yes in this case.

When the guy came and got the dog back Ryver cried and a few minutes later once the guy was gone Ryver pulled a chair up to the window and looked outside and said, “Bruce?!”

I was near the fridge in the kitchen and started crying because for one of the 1st times I felt so heartbroken and devastated. I could have cared less to have a dog or not but my son was so sad and it broke my heart.

And this is not the end…now we have to meet up with these folks again because I forgot to give them back their papers for the dog (he was purebread) and some other stuff they had given.

Needless to say it’s been a disastrous 24 hours and I am both sad and pissed off at the whole situation.

Now, if we get a dog again, I’ll know NOT to get any pet that already has owners attached!!!!

And that’s all for now.


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