The “S” Word

There is much discretion validated with sex these days so I thought, “why not make my next post interesting?” After all, it’s like marijuana or pornography, we all have an opinion about it but no one likes to bring it up.

I agree, however, that there needs to be a certain amount of discretion when it comes to sex. I don’t think it’s quality conversation for the family BBQ or picnic. I knew a couple once who, a couple of times, came to visit and around a small table started bringing up little mentions of their sex life (what they liked, and where they’ve done it…) and it was by far a little too much! So there needs to be a line drawn that we are all familiar with and keep to, unless we’re asked questions or under certain circumstances where the other person or people want advice.

In saying that, I also need to point out why our generation and the future generation are a bit sexually confused. It’s not really a word anyone even likes to say anymore, it’s almost tainted. And yet the whole world revolves around “Sex Sells”. In advertising, in schools, on TV/Movies, and even in our music. Lately I have even seen a couple music video’s where the woman, dressed of course, puts her hand down to her crotch as tho she is playing with herself. Now, I have NO qualms with women playing with themselves…whatever works! And sometimes we have no other choice if we want to be pleasured and we know our bodies better than anyone else. So all the more power to women who do it! But on TV?? Mind you, one of the women (a singer) who did it has said a few times during interviews and even in one of her songs that people are going to talk about you whether you are doing good or bad. Which is true. I don’t necessarily thinks its grounds to just get carried away, but to each his own.

We are surrounded by sex, it’s everywhere. Our kids go to school and there are condoms in their bathrooms! But parents are a little hesitant to talk about it at home, it’s not really a fun talk to have. But it has to be had and sadly it has to be talked about at a much younger age now. There are more STD’s flying around than there are jet planes and I don’t think kids (or even some adults) grasp the embarrassment and danger that comes with catching and STD. Once you’ve caught one you don’t just treat it and it goes away.

But sex isn’t all bad, there is plenty of good that comes from having sex. Bearing children is a miraculous outcome of sex and sex is also a natural painkiller and stress release.

We can all admit that having sex is like a kid’s Christmas morning. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s passionate, it’s playful, it’s distracting, and it’s natural. We’ve been granted this amazing feel-good energy that goes such a long way. But it’s being misused, mistreated, and not talked about in the right sense.

I saw an ad (well I have seen many) for a Eau De Toilet in a magazine and it’s this big name brand perfume so the ad has this drop dead gorgeous guy and girl and it’s dark and their skin is perfect and the ad is just like, “Wow!” Somehow we’re made to believe that this product is going to give us 6-packs and greeeeaattt sex. But hey, sex sells, right?

Sex (I can’t say it enough) is what you make it. You can make it this huge deal that never gets past the bedroom, you can make it a chore, you can make it a fun thing you do with your spouse in and out of the bedroom, you can turn it into a game (for more ideas you could check out Sex is all around a good thing. But we’ve also managed to turn it into a bad thing. What needs to be done is this…more honest people need to start having more honest sex! And kids of all ages need to know the truth about sex so they don’t do anything they’ll regret.

To close, I just need to add that sex should never get boring 😦 If it has gotten boring then maybe you need to spice things up. Like I said, check out, it has lots of really great games and ideas for couples to get that spark going again in the bedroom.


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