If You’re A Bird, I’m A Bird

One of the lines in the oh-so-famous movie “The Notebook” is from Noah to Ally, “if you’re a bird, I’m a bird.”

I bring this up today not because I want to talk about the movie but because that sentence has a lot more meaning to it than what speaks.
A great salesman is great because he knows how to sell a product. He knows how to get people to confide in what he is saying and believe that what he is saying is really true. “Yeah, you do want the “50 in TV instead of the “42 inch.” The way he does this is by making himself believe it first. If you doubt yourself then others will too.

Years ago I remember hearing all about this college guy. He threw the best parties and everyone knew his name. I had never met him so I was very surprised one day when we were all out and someone called his name…he was at our table! I would have never even known. He was kinda quiet and kept to himself. Not at all what I expected. But he had a charisma about him that just said, “I am who I am.” And as the months passed I did get to know him a bit more and he’s still a great guy to this day.

When we act nervous or shy or unsure of ourselves, people can sense it. I think we all do have a sixth sense somewhere and that’s the reading of people. We can tell the nerds from the popular, the shy from the outgoing, the crazy from the calm. We all want to be accepted and make a name for ourselves, the problem is that we only have one chance to really prove who we are. It’s that “first impression” that people get from us.

I’m no Cal Lightman (*Lie To Me) but I pride myself in being able to read people’s personalities quite well. I’m sure many people out there can say the same.

It’s not about who you really are…it’s about who you believe you are. If you believe that you’re a bird, like reallllly believe it, people will see you as a bird (or just crazy, maybe try being something a little more believable). There is one thing we all have control over that no one else does, our minds. If you can make yourself believe that you are a strong sophisticated person with a lot to offer the world, then people will believe that’s who you are. At the end of the day you are whatever you want to be. But if you come out and you believe (and have convinced yourself) that you are not worth people’s time, that you are not beautiful or handsome, that people have the right to walk all over you…then that’s EXACTLY how people will see you and it’s exactly how you will be treated.

The most beautiful thing a person can have is confidence in themselves.


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