What Is Your Life Really Worth?

I had to stop myself two days ago (before a major “mommy break down”) after screaming at my two year old for being disobedient and peeing on the floor for the tenth time. I’d had it, to tell you the truth. I know he’s %100 toilet trained, he knows well enough to use the toilet for all his business needs. But since we’ve gotten a puppy (who I may add rarely makes mistakes on the floors!) he’s lashed out a bit and started purposely using the floor as his bathroom.

I’d yelled a couple times…okay, a few times….okay, A LOT! I was sick of being taken over by my two year old. But then later that night (again, before breaking down) I asked myself, “Is this what my life is worth to me?” That I would get upset and lash out over something as tiny as this? It may seem pretty big at the time but looking back on it I realize it’s such a small thing to get upset over.

Why do we fight our way through life? Why do we laugh at hippies who seem so happy and relaxed (or mellow)? Why do we give the waitress shit when our food is cold? Why do we curse when we have to park at the far end of the parking lot? Why do we nag at our spouses, our family, and our friends for petty things? Why give the retail clerk a hard time because we aren’t getting what we want? Why, why, why do we fight our way through everything?

Why is it so important for us to fight against things that don’t matter or effect us personally? Like the next door neighbor who says he’s broke but always buys cigarettes and alcohol. Or the girl at work who has a reputation for sleeping around. Or the couple who, rumor has it, are swingers. These are things that we tend to gossip and we let them in and they begin to effect us because we get so riled about about someone else’s business that we forget our time is limited down here and we’re suppose to be making the most of it.

I came across a status on Facebook today right before logging off that said, “The Less You Care The Happier You’ll Be.” And it’s true, so very very true!


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