Clean Your House Like You Are Making Love To A Hot Italian

As I’m sure most of you are probably thinking why the hell I would come up with such a crazy title to a blog (maybe even offended…but I mean, look at him <– !!), let me explain.

On any given day I rush through my daily chores. I throw the laundry in and out and fold it quickly and put it away. I rush through dishes, so as long as I don’t see any left overs on them I just wash and rinse and put away. I rush through the sweeping and the mopping, only because I know it has to be done several times daily. I have kids, so I am always on the go, rushing through.

But the other day I waited until the kids were asleep to do dishes. Simply because it’s distracting trying to get the dishes done when a 2-year-old is eager to help (sounds fun but really it’s not!) So I am standing at the sink and I am taking my time for once, going real nice and slow washing this bowl. Making sure I washed down every inch of it before rinsing off the suds. And it crossed my mind that when cleaning things slow and passionately, they not only come out a lot cleaner, but the cleaning is a hell of a lot more relaxing! It actually calms me down instead of wearing me out.

So in coming up with this title, I don’t even think I have to say how, it wasn’t really about the hot Italian (although…look at him!), but more about the passion of cleaning. The same way Italians are passionate about cooking and wine.

So as funny as it may seem, next time you are cleaning something, focus on it. Really spend time on it. Don’t take your eyes off it. Clean it so slowly and passionately that you really believe you care about it. Trust me on this.

Happy Cleaning!

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