Little People with Big Dreams

Back when I was a little girl I remember my sister, my cousin, and I coloring pictures in a coloring book and then selling each drawing for $1.00. We were living in an apartment building at the time and went door to door asking people to buy these, clearly not-worth-anything, coloring book pages we colored. Evidently, they sold quite well. I guess people had a heart and saw that we were just children trying to earn a buck.

Well, how things change when we get older. As we get older we are expected to make an honest living by going to work. I understand that and I have had quite a few jobs! But I am a stay at home mom now, by choice, and have to find another honest way to make money from home. It’s not always easy but we all find our own way. There are also those who can’t work because of injury, or those who have been laid off. There are plenty of reasons why some people just can’t have or find jobs.

You would think that with a good enough reason we would want to support these people and support local small businesses any way we can. But for many of us that is just not an option, by choice. Many of us would rather support the big corporations simply because it’s the easier way out. It’s convenient. Hey, I do it! I buy from Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, Superstore, Irvings, Ebay, etc. If I see something I like, I get it. But I can also be hesitant of small businesses and of family and friends and people in my community who are trying to make a bit of money on the side.

I speak not only for myself but for the people I know who have some great talents and yet have a hard time getting their names out there. I know family and friends who paint some amazing art, I know a few great photographers who feel their portfolio’s aren’t good enough, I know moms who make jewelry all day, I know people who make custom products, I know people who own small businesses. But they all have a hard time making that extra dollar.

Yes, I do have a small business, so for those of you who may think I am speaking for myself, I’m not. I am speaking for anyone and everyone out there who, like the picture-in theory-have a lemonade stand but can’t seem to sell a glass of lemonade because people would rather just go buy it frozen.

I encourage everyone to look around. Next time you are looking to buy a gift for someone or looking to splurge a bit on yourself…look around and find out about the people closest to you who may have that perfect homemade item. Whether it be homemade jam, jewelry, some custom items, paintings, or clothes (wink wink)…we’re not trying to steal people’s money, we’re just trying to earn a living 🙂


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