My dyas aer so mxied PU!

It’s been a steady month! Days are going by so fast and we’re all just counting down the time until Summer arrives, the busiest season of the year! I’m trying to soak up all of Winter that I can though. As much as I love the beach, I think it’s safe to say Winter is my favorite time of year. The sparkiling snow, the soups and coffee to keep up warm. Cumfy sweaters and a warm bed to snuggle up in.

Days get crazy though! My mind is everywhere. Do the dishes. Get laundry done. Oh, dog needs to go out. Okay back to dishes. I hear Ryver being quiet, I better go check on him. Oh lovely, another mess to clean. Back to laundry..I mean dishes. Ugh, dog needs to come back in. That’s roughly how my mind runs! Then at the end of the day when I am lying in bed and looking back, I don’t remember most of it.

What I do remember though are the smiles on Ryver and Lewis as we play outside in the snow. Or how excited Ryver gets when I tell him it’s time to go outside! He’s so ecstatic to get his snow gear on. Or when I dance with them and they laugh away, which makes me laugh. Those are the moments at the end of my day where I feel accomplished. I feel like, I hope they remember me as that mom. Fun and loving and active.

I have been staying on top of my work outs, eating healthy (as much as financially possible), and keeping goals. Trying to stay on top of what really matters. I had a wee bit of a scare not long ago (turned out to be nothing really…just my hypochondria playing games with me again) but it sure does wake you up to what matters!!

I won’t lie though, Ryver is quite the handful! You can ask anyone who’s spent even an hour on the phone with me. He’s a lot to take on. When they say life won’t give you more than you can handle, well it sure will give you BIG challenges! Maybe it’s a good thing though. We all need a little kick in the ass, a challenge. Life gave me Ryver 🙂


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