I Don’t Know How She Does It…

VERY recently I watched the movie, “I Don’t Know How She Does It” with Sarah Jessica Parker. It’s a pretty cute movie and I would suggest it to moms, especially working moms!

It was only today though (because I was having a rough day with the kids and the movie came to mind) that I thought, “I KNOW how she does it!”

You see, when I was pregnant with Lewis, my second boy, I went back to work for a few months and left my eldest in the hands of family while I was working. I thought it would be really hard but the truth is, it was fun sometimes! I felt like I was putting my brain to use! I could actually think and I was doing something productive and mentally challenging-in a good way of course!

I decided this year to be a stay at home mom-full time. I love my kids and I love spending time with them. But it does start to get to ANY stay at home mom. Our brains feel unchallenged and our days are pretty repetitive. There’s a HUGE difference between working moms and stay at home moms. When I work, I feel different. I look different. I have more energy. Maybe it’s because I am naturally an all or nothing person. So when I work I give it my all and I challenge how far I can go.

Being at home with the kids has it’s many blessings! It also has some downfalls. Yes, I am home all day and yes when the boys sleep I have that time to myself. And yes, I am on Facebook A LOT (to keep sane and social)! But I can feel my patience running on empty more and more everyday. And I am tired at 10pm! I don’t have as much enthusiasm about changing diapers or doing dishes as I do meeting deadlines and trying to calm an angry customer down!

Today I told my eldest about 15 times (not a lie) to “get off the counter” after catching him standing up on the counter trying to get into the cupboards. Where was I? I was changing a diaper or letting the dog out. Ryver is very quick and devious. I turn my head for two seconds (not lying!) and he’s already got a knife somehow (we hide them HIGH up) or he’s chasing the dog with a stick or he’s peeing under the table or he’s tearing apart my Valentine’s Bouquet (true story…but it’s still in one piece).

What I am trying to say is, (so you all know this is not a letter of complaint to the stork who dropped Ryver off to me 2 years ago) when you are a working mom you are able to the muscles in your brain. But when you are a non-working mom your brain starts to disintegrate. So as clever as that movie was, I know her secret and I know how she does it!!

I have to go now as my 2-year old just peed in a frying pan and I have to clean it up.


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One Response to I Don’t Know How She Does It…

  1. jo jory says:

    I have done both. It was harder on my family and children for me to be gone (except for this time around as their father is right in there with them during the day when I am at the school LOL), but in a strange way easier for me. Right now, three days a week, I am with elementary and high school students of all ages. I love it, I love being “Madame Jo”, I love the interaction with the teachers throughout the day.I love the students. I also love speaking French all day long. It is not my first language but since being immersed in it from Kindergarten on, I would consider it more than “just” a second language. Like maybe a very VERY close second! I have enjoyed coming home to things being done, but like I said I have a husband and older children at home who are most certainly pulling their load until I get home around 3:30pm. But it has been a nice change.

    It can be tough when the kids are young because they are not old enough to explore interesting subjects with you as well. That is one of the nice things about when they get older. This is one part I enjoy about the homeschooling; the older ones are at the age where they can debate and think things through. I learn a lot and keep stimulated by exploring subjects with them.

    All that to say that I agree with you on this. IN many ways, it is easier for a woman to be gone all day long. I feel free to say this because I too have done both.

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