I Count My Blessings…

At this very moment I am sitting at my kitchen table. Ryver is napping after playing outside together for a couple hours and enjoying the beautiful sunshine! Lewis is playing on his own quietly, because he’s an angel of a child and that’s what he does!

I have a hot cup of coffee next to me, a heart shaped box of chocolates, and a bouquet of flowers as well.

I have house, which to me translates into “foundation” because the home is where the heart is and this house is our home.

My boys, as wild, young, and free as they come!

My health, or should I say OUR health. We are a healthy little family and I am so proud of that! I don’t want to brag but we hardly ever get sick which is a REAL blessing!

My body, don’t get me wrong..that sounds pretty “pedestal” of me but I’ve been really working my ASS off (literally and figuratively speaking) everyday with Jillian Michael’s DVD’s. And I can already see it paying off. For me that means a lot because, yes, I am a woman and am self conscious so to be able to work this hard and look in the mirror and see the precise results I was hoping for (especially after two kids) I am CONTENT to say the least!

My man. The guy’s a rock! He works 6 days a week so that I can stay home and raise our boys and I would not want to be anywhere else. I love being home to see them dancing, smiling, playing, etc. And Mike makes that possible for me. And even though we have our ins & outs (like a lot of couples) he is pretty special.

There are so many things I can count my blessings for. The Island is a beautiful place to live and it’s where I said I wanted to raise my kids and now I am doing that. I love our family doctor here, the hospitals, the nurses. I love the weather because it never really gets too hot or too cold. I am thankful for my family and for my friends. I have met some pretty awesome people in my life and I am pretty blessed to have known some and to know some now. Not all friendships last, some come back over time, and some might be short lived but well worth every moment.

So I count my many blessings! 2012 is a great year so far 🙂


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