The Best Way to Lose Weight is Slowly…

Over the years there has been many diet trends that hit the markets. Most work and I wouldn’t necessarily talk them down, but I would like to share why I don’t like them.

We live in a day and age where everything has to be fast. Fast Food, high speed internet, coffee on the go, breakfast on the go, short cuts, etc. We want everything right away, including our diets.

Well we all know that getting a six pack doesn’t happen over night!

Lately there is much hype about this ViShape diet. I went on Pinterest the other day only to find tons of people posting pictures of how much weight they’ve lost! And although I am very happy for each of them, I still think that when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape we should think long term.

I know what I am capable of eating and how long I can handle a work out. I try to go a little bit further just to push myself but I make it reasonable because I know this is forever. I am not going to change my diet at home unless I know I can afford it long term and I do 30-1hr work out everyday because I know that long term I can spare that much time.

Everyone chooses their own path when it comes to working out and some work great and some don’t. But just make sure that when it comes to dieting you are thinking long term and not just over night. That you aren’t just thinking, “I have to look good in a bikini this summer.” but also, “I have to look good in my lingerie this winter!”

Our bodies are gifts but they are also our babies. We are responsible for tending to them. And it’s been said that roller coaster dieting is not good for anyone. It’s good to keep a steady pace at whatever you are doing. I absolutely love weight watchers but you don’t have to go with a program. Google has helped me so much on my journey…helping me figure out the ins and outs and all sorts of things. I also have some great friends who I learn from. There’s so much information out there! But some people NEED programs to stick with it, so for sure I’d say Weight Watchers is one of the best because they help guide people to losing weight long term.

So although I am a fan of losing weight quickly, I know it’s not the best way. There’s never going to a point where you look at yourself and think, “I’m good enough, now I can stop.” Fitness & health is something that has to be done for the rest of our lives in order to maintain that fantastic body we all want.

Another thing, to end my blog here, NEVER set your goals and expectations too high! Never look at some actress who weighs 100 lbs and is 6 foot tall and tanned and say you want that in 3 months. You’ll make yourself crazy! Instead, make goals that are easily achievable but challenging at the same time. This way when you have reached your goal you’ll feel so damn proud of yourself you’ll just keep on keeping on. And instead of rewarding yourself with food, reward yourself with new clothes or new shoes. I know when I reach my goal I’ll be buying myself a very nice very expensive bikini! Because all my hard work is worth  a hell of a lot more to me than a bucket of ice cream!!


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