When Size Matters!

…because when you die no one is going to be looking at the size of your waist but rather the size of your heart.

When you die, matter of factly, people will be sharing stories and memories about you. They will remember the good times and wave the bad times. When your dead no one is going to say, “Well too bad he/she is gone, they looked great in those skinny jeans!”

It’s fabulous to wanna look good and truth be told in this day and age it’s almost expected. But fact is we’re gonna grow old, we’re going to get wrinkles, we’re going to sag, and at some point bikini’s won’t look so great on us (if you’re a woman of course!).

I think it is important to take care of our bodies because they are a gift and we should not abuse this gift. We would not abuse ourselves physically so we should not abuse our bodies internally, point blank. But there’s also no need to over do it.

To put it sweet and short and simple, take care of yourself but never let the weight of your body outweigh the size of your heart. Because, as I said, when you are lying in your casket no one is going to remember you for your body weight but rather for the weight of love you left behind.


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