You Know Who You Are…

Sooooooo….let’s just say at this very moment you are on Facebook and you happen to see this blog post and you happen to see the picture of the hat and you happen to read the title and you happen to think, “Oh my God, is she talking about me?”

Well, I’m not. This isn’t a blog post directed to anyone specifically unless you really think your negativity is bad and gets in the way of people’s lives, then sure, it could be about you.

Awhile back I was watching Nate Berkus (mmmm, Nate Berkus…too bad he’s gay!) and he had Maria Menounos on there talking about her new book, “The Everygirl’s Guide To Life.” And she mentioned at one point that at some phase of our journey we have to just ween out the negative people in our lives because they don’t bring us happiness, they just bring us down with them, thus creating negative attitudes in ourselves. I’ve also, like most of us, read the book “The Secret” which basically is no secret. Whatever you put out into the universe with your thoughts, your lifestyle, your words, your actions…that’s what you’ll have returned.

I notice a change in myself and my life when I surround myself with happy people. And I can’t stress enough how much I can’t stand negativity. Mind you, I’ll gladly admit that I can be very negative and down sometimes, thus bringing down anyone I talk to around that time. Sometimes we can’t help it, life throws us lemons and we’re sick of squeezing them into lemonade. It happens. But some people are just born negative. And that’s what I am talking about.

And it all starts with us, with our minds. When I talk myself up, tell myself I look beautiful today, dress accordingly, exercise, and do things that consistently make myself feel good, my whole attitude and aspect towards life changes. However, when my attitude shifts and I start acting negative towards myself, telling myself I am a failure and can’t do anything right, that I am not good enough, that I can’t stand the weather, that I can’t handle those damn lemons anymore…my whole world changes and I become this self-doubting, self-loathing person who just hates everything.

Good things come to those who wait, but good things also come to those who bring goodness into their own lives and their own minds. It all starts with you. So I am not “challenging” you into anything. I’m just saying that if we all (including myself this time!) were to put the negative aside and focus on all the good we have, life would be a basket of sunshine and happiness. We’d change. We’d love more, help more, push ourselves more, dream more, act more, and we’d sing and dance and laugh.

When they said that laughter is the best medicine they meant it. They just forgot to mention what it cures…and that’s negativity, self-doubt, sadness, depression, etc.

So here’s me, Dr. Tanya, giving you all a prescription of Laughter Medication. I urge you to use it. There are no side affects and you will see results immediately! Don’t let the negative shit in your life bring you down…and more so, don’t let your negative shit bring others down.


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