“YOU try giving Birth!”

Years ago a group of women got together and fought for the rights of women. They fought so that women would have the same rights that men do. So that we could vote, we could become medical physicians, and so that we could have the same careers as men. They fought to give women equal rights.

I wonder if these Suffragette’s ever anticipated what would become of women all these years later.

We’ve all heard it before, women telling their men “You don’t have to give birth or wear a bra or go through menopause!” And really, men don’t have much of a defense because it’s true, they don’t have to do any of those things.

I think women have taken the equal rights thing one step further than the Suffragette’s. We want the same rights as men, we want to prove to the world (especially men) that we are capable of handling as much as they are and then some. WE feel the need to shove it in their face that we can hold down a job, a household, a social life, and kids. That if need be we can change the oil in our car or raise a kid on our own. For some reason we feel this urge to prove ourselves. I don’t think that’s what the Suffragette’s anticipated.

It’s true that men don’t have to give birth and it’s such a painful experience that cannot be explained with words. But think about the beauty and the maternal privilege we get as mothers that fathers don’t get. There is such beauty in bringing a child into this world (don’t get me wrong though, pregnancy is very hard!), do we really want to shove that one down their throats? I’ve used it many times but deep down I would not change it for the world. Bringing my boys into this world was, for me, the biggest accomplishment I could ever achieve.  I brought a human life to life!

Women are superhero’s, for sure! We all know it. And there is a powerful bond between women that men will never have. Just like there is a bond between men that women will never have. We may have equal rights but we certainly are not equal, and that’s a good thing. Men need women as much as women need men. And I don’t mean in a relationship sort of way because I think it doesn’t matter whether a person is straight, bi-sexual, transgender, gay, or lesbian. I mean, we need one another. As friends, as father & mothers, as Aunts & Uncles, as Brother & Sisters. They say that no two people are exactly the same, and that stands true for men and women as well. We’re not the same but we should appreciate that. And on a side note we should also really appreciate all the hard work the Suffragette’s went through to get us our rights. It was a lot of work and a long process but because of them we’re able to be superhero’s!


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