Voicing my Opinion.

There is much to be said about the Harper Government but I’ll try to keep this short.

I detest politics. I love to vote and I like to know what’s going on with my Country. I also was given the gift of seeing how Jack Layton made such a big change and moved us forward a bit. Sadly, I was also around to see him pass.

And so it happened that Harper was re-elected, this time with grey hair. Boy, it must be stressful to have so much money and power.

My problem with him, with the government, and with politics is that the door is closed. They don’t care about the people of the Country and what we want. They only care about themselves and what they want. And because they have so much power we, the people of this Country, can’t build Canada the way we’d like to see it. Because of money and power we as a Country have no real say in what goes on. I mean, we do but even if we were to all vote one way, Harper would still win. It goes without saying. And because of that we fear taking a stand. I fear taking a stand. I feel as though even if I spent my life dedicated to getting my voice heard, to trying to make a change, it still wouldn’t matter. I don’t have money and I don’t have power, I merely have a voice.

In a perfect world, Canada’s government would care about it’s people over power and money. The government would ask for Canada’s votes on every big decision and there would be NO cheating through RoboCalls or anything of the sort.  In a perfect world the Government would hear it’s people out first and foremost. WE would matter. WE would have a voice again.

I don’t know detailed information about everything that is going on right now, but I know enough. I try not to delve to deep into things because when I get into something it’s all or nothing for me. And right now my voice is needed at home, my attention, my heart, it’s needed here with my family and my kids. The more I read into how screwed up the government is, the more I get riled up.

I will say this though, I have done what I felt I could so far in making small changes. I called the Prime Ministers office when a vote was needed for Gay right in Uganda. I sign every petition I can for things I am against. I do what I can because I care about this Country, I care about people, I care. And when something IS in my power, I take advantage of it in a GOOD way and try to make a positive change. More than what the Harper Government can say for themselves.

But hey, at least I am seeing more and more young people get involved and to me, that’s huge! It puts a smile on my face knowing that my kids (*tear) won’t grow up in a generation that doesn’t care. That my kids still stand a chance in this crazy Country. And I hope they take a stand when they can as well. May Canada’s people never settle, never rest until we are happy with the way our Country is being taken care of. Because if you wouldn’t want to see your child go under, you certainly don’t want your Country to either. Canada is our baby. Canada is our home! Let’s take care of it 🙂


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