Sunshine Always Reminds Me Of Who I Am

For some reason when the sun shines I am reminded of what matters most to me. Today felt like a beautiful Spring day! The air was fresh and the sun was bright and (still is…heck, it’s only 5pm) my mind is clear.

Things, materialistic things, they don’t matter to me. Not at all. I try to make them matter so I look like one of the cool kids but I’m not a things person. I love to travel and I love to work out. I love my family, I cherish my close friends and I open my heart to people because I welcome new friendships as well. I think writing letters and making homemade gifts for each other is awesome, not corny. I love being told things like, “I love you” or “great job.” In life-in everything-I try to give it all or nothing. I’m passionate, but I’m not materialistic. The only material things that can brighten my day is a bottle of wine and a box of chocolate. I’ve lived with very little in the past and found that those were the times I was the happiest.

I love to travel. Whether it’s with people or alone, but preferably with someone. But I’ve met some cool people along my travels on Via Rail. I just love the peace, the clarity of it all. The fun road trip games and most of all, I love how much one can get to know someone when on long trips. And the scenery! I still remember traveling in the car to BC and the scenery was beautiful!

I love relaxing in the evenings. I like to sit back and say farewell to the day by snuggling into a blanket on the couch and watching a good show or movie before hitting the hay. Sometimes I even like to add a glass of wine but it’s not always in there.

Beach days…I’m torn. I love to be at the beach and lye in the sun but since having kids that’s not much of an option! It’s all about chasing them down the beach and playing with them in the water and making sure they are all “sunscreened” up so they don’t look like lobsters at the end of the day. I do love drinking on the beach with friends or family, talking, and having fun. But I don’t think I will ever love humidity and bugs….that will never be in the books for me. So beach days/sunny days or aka any days with bugs around and really high heat…I’m still trying to go from “liking” it to “loving it”, cause god knows my pale ass needs some sun!


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