Why Photographers Are Optomistic People…

Yesterday I posted a lot on my Facebook about being optimistic and letting go of negativity. The person who inspired that attitude in me just so happens to be a photographer. So when I started thinking about her and all the other photographers I know, I realized they all have one thing in common. They are all optimistic. I have yet to find one photographer who isn’t.

Then I started wondering, why?

The answers, yes there’s more than one, came pouring in one by one.

First and foremost, photographers are always on the lookout for spectacular images. Where the rest of us may see snow on trees, they see the crystal and the beauty of the white sparkling snow sitting upon branches waiting to be captured in a lens. Where the rest of us see a flower, they see the color, the depth, the beauty. Photographers always see the beauty in everything. Even sadness. They find a way to make even ugliest of situations beautiful.

Secondly, photographers are focused just like their cameras. Have you ever seen a photographer in action? They could be taking pictures of kids in playplace at McDonald’s but while everyone is running around they are squatting down taking pictures, walking with the camera on their face, focused on what they are capturing. It’s clarity. It’s focus. It’s really putting their minds %100 on one thing and not stressing. Just taking hundreds of captions.

Thirdly, and this kind of goes with the two other thoughts, photographers are always “in the moment”. Whether they are taking pictures or talking to friends. They are living lens’s. They never want to miss a spectacular moment so they learn that if you are in the moment of every second of every day then nothing can pass you by.

If we all saw life as tho behind a lens, we’d all have the same thought process. To take bland things and find the beauty in them. To live in the moment. To be aware. To find beauty and capture it. And life could be our portfolio. The only negativity I see in photographers is how hard they are on themselves when they can’t capture on lens what they captured with their own eyes, which sometimes happens because we all know that even tho a picture is a worth a thousand words there still is nothing like the original.

So my idea is, why not use our eyes and our minds for what they were meant to be, the lens of life. There is so much beauty out there if we only focus and take a second to it. If a camera can capture all the beauty, so can we.


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