If You Can’t Make It Easy, You Might As Well Make It Fun!

Today I played Marley & Me on Netflix for the boys, seeing as how they love dogs. I stopped my crazy day for a bit to watch a part of it with them and it came to the part where Jenn is fighting with her husband and explaining that mothering is the hardest job in the world. Amen Sister! I thought.

Later on I decided to open a window for Ryver because it’s too cold to play outside but he wanted to breath in some fresh air. I walked away and heard him start to laugh so I turned around and realized he’d taken a bunch of snow from the window pane or Sil (Don’t know how to spell it!) and he was throwing it all over the kitchen floor (small amounts). My instinct as a mother who already has a lot to clean was to tell him no. But then I thought, heck, it’s not gonna be that hard to clean up and he’s having fun.

I’ve also been hearing almost repeatedly from friends and family and Facebookians comments about how they wish they could get the motivation to get back into shape. Then I thought back 6 weeks ago to when I pretty much started working out again and asked myself how I managed to get the motivation and how I still manage even with 2 very young active children disrupting me every few minutes. The way I started was I took the easiest possible work out and started. Told myself I was allowed to quit after five minutes if I got tired. I took it easy until I realized I actually wanted harder and more challenging. And now 6 weeks later I’m at it 6 days a week, one hour a day, 2 Jillian Michael’s DVD’s at a time. There are certainly days I don’t want to work out but I try and make it fun.

The reason why Mothering is so hard, the reason why working out is so hard, is that we view these things as work when they should be totally awesome things to do. Yes, I agree being a mother is one of the hardest jobs there is. We dedicate so much towards it. We give up so much for it. We change. And everything in our lives becomes about our Children first and us second.
Working out, it can totally suck because feeling your heart pounding hard enough that it wants to burst out of your chest isn’t exactly pleasant. But looking in the mirror weeks into it and seeing the results you were hoping for and knowing you worked so hard to get there, that’s pleasant!

Mothering, as well as working out, will never be “easy”, and I have come to that understanding. Wiping poop and having your sleep interrupted every few hours at night will never be pleasant! But taking something that isn’t easy and trying to make it fun is just about the only way to get through it. Baking cookies with your kids and letting them make a mess. Filling the sink or the tub with bubbles and letting them get it everywhere, its not handy but its fun. And its all about teaching our kids and ourselves that it is okay to laugh and have fun when something is actually really hard.

After all, Girls do just wanna have fun, no??


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