And We Wonder Why Women Are SO Insecure?

We think he’s just Git-Er-Done Hilarious!!!

But her, we put her fat ass on the cover of a National magazine and let George Lopez compare her to a pig!

DJ Qualls, known for his comedy acts. We think he is hilarious!!

But Sarah Jessica Parker, well, she’s compared to a horse!

Ben Stiller, we look past his obvious odd shaped face and big ears, because he’s hilarious!

But put the odd shaped face with a abnormally sized nose & mouth and we tell her she needs surgery…

When she started out at 14, the world mentioned she was “chunky”…

So she listened and lost that weight. Now they say she’s “too Skinny”…

We make sure the whole world knows just how “shitty” they look without make up…

And let’s never forget to thank Barbie, the image we are all suppose to live up to…
Tall, long legs, big boobs, long bleached blonde hair, stylish, and rich!

And if I haven’t shared enough, I DARE you to read this webpage, the Top Ten Ugliest Celebrity Women and why they are so ugly. It’s one of the most repulsive things I have read. And from this moment, may we never sit in wonder as to why women are so damn insecure!!
Webpage Link:



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