10 Things Kids Teach Adults

One thing I have learned as a mom is that life gets more fun as it does challenging. Some days it feels impossible and yet a simple thing like watching your child dance or try to work out with you can just make everything all better.
This morning I laid out my yoga mat, as I do about five days a week, and got my 2lb weights out (don’t laugh, it’s all I have!). As I was waiting for the DVD to start I watched as Ryver & Lewis picked up the weights and started doing some of the moves. It was hilarious…to me anyways.

There is a pure, simple, pleasurable thing about being a child. Think about what children teach us! Here are a few examples:

1. Dance. Who cares how silly you look or who’s watching. If it makes you feel good, do it.

2. Laugh. At anything. A movie, a fly, another baby, a toy, ect. Just laugh!

3. Get back up. When you fall, just dust yourself off and get back up like it never happened. If you’re really hurt, cry. But always get back up.

4. Make food fun. How many pictures and recipes do we see like Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes? Who ever said a simple pleasure like so could not be enjoyed by an adult? And that whole theory, “My mom always told me not to play with my food.” Bull! PLAY with it. Explore, have fun, TASTE. We take everything so seriously, food should not be one of those things! (Unless you are Chef Ramsey..)

5. Get Messy. Often as adults we run away from the rain, we stay away from the dirt, and we use paintbrushes to paint. Kids on the other hand just have fun! They paint with their hands/fingers, they lather themselves in dirt, and they play IN the rain.

6. Make Friends. Do you know how kids make friends? They pick someone and ask, “Do you want to be my friend?” That’s it! A friendship is blossomed, sometimes for the rest of their lives. Although we have a “Add as Friend” option on Facebook, we (as adults) don’t use it nearly enough! We’ll go on matchmaking websites to find ourselves a life partner, so why not be as open to make new friends?

7. Find Simple Pleasures. Ever give a kid a cookie and see how he/she reacts? It’s like you just handed them a pot of gold! Tell a kid they are going to a park and watch them light up. Or take a kid to McDonald’s Playplace and let ’em go at it! Kids find happiness in the simplest things and moments!

8. Baby Steps. First, a child will crawl like a snake on his/her stomach. Then they learn to crawl. They they learn to walk. I have yet to see a child born walking! As adults sometimes we feel like baby steps will take us no where. But if kids teach us one thing its that baby steps are necessary if you ever want to run, climb, or hold yourself up. They let nature takes its course. I think as adults we need to realize that baby steps take us a lot further than we could possibly imagine.

9. Determination. If there is one fact about kids, it’s that they are determined little creatures. They fall-they get back up. They get hurt-2 seconds later they feel better. Kids are so determined and when they know what they want, they go after it! There could be a bag of cookies at the other end of a cornfield and they will go for it! Kids conquer and they give it everything they’ve got!

10. Joy. Happiness. Pleasure. Creativity. Laughter. Life. Kids, overall, teach us that life has to be lived. Embrace every moment. See color in black & white. Seize the day. Take pleasure. Find something to make you laugh.

Be. A. Kid!!!


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