Sometimes The Smallest Jobs Matter Most!

As I started cutting the crust off Ryver’s sandwich today I realized how far such a small act can go.

The other day I mentioned that sometimes I feel useless as a stay at home mom. But then today I realized that so many of the little things I do are very useful. If not to me, then to my kids.

You see, Ryver doesn’t like crust. And I know as a mother I should probably encourage him to eat it as to not waste food. But you know, there’s things I don’t like to eat either. And someday he’ll like the crust, but right now he doesn’t. So I cut the crust off his bread and he’s a happy kid. A very small, some may say inadequate, job. But one that serves a purpose to my son.

Years ago, I remember, my dad was building a house here in PEI and he asked for my help. I’d go out there and basically just hand him tools or let him pass me down nails or screws he didn’t need. I felt a little useless to say the least. Here he was building a house and I was just handing him tools! Whoop! But then one day he told me that by just doing that one simple thing it saved him the time and hassle having to go back and forth getting it himself. Especially when he was on a ladder. It’s not that he couldn’t do it without me, but he saved a lot of time by having me there.

You see, I think in life we all want to serve a greater purpose. Parents push their kids to go to College and University, to become big Executive’s, Lawyers, Doctors, Police Officers, etc. And society tends to frown upon people who take on jobs (some by choice, some because they have no choice) that seem to serve no “greater” purpose. Yet those small impractical jobs HAVE to be done by someone, right? I mean, you never hear someone say, “I hope my kid turns out to be a garbage man.” But if there were no garbage men we’d be pretty screwed! Or what about restaurant employees? Waiters, waitresses, cooks, etc. Without them we’d always have to eat at home. When a boy wanted to ask a girl out, he’d have to say, “Want to come to my house where my mom will cook us dinner?” Yeah, not a very impressive 1st date to most women!

My point is, we all want to feel like we matter. Like we are doing something to make a difference. Like our job is more than just a damn paycheck. But most of us feel like incompetent human beings just living to work and working to live.
No matter what your job, what your place in life, or what your salary is, you DO serve a purpose. People working in Call Centers, (I’ve been there!) take a lot of bullshit from angry customers who constantly tell them to get out there and get a “real job.” But I am guessing those same customers wouldn’t want to be held up on the other line with a damn recording for 3 hours just to get an issue resolved.

Every job serves a purpose. And you don’t have to be earning $40,000 dollars a year to prove it.Chances are, someday my kids will have their own kids and one day when they are cutting the crust off their kid’s toast, they’re going to say, “Huh, I remember my mom used to do this for me all the time.”

Small jobs DO matter.

Now get back to work!


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One Response to Sometimes The Smallest Jobs Matter Most!

  1. Michael says:

    Very well said. I agree 100% with what is written in this blog.

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