What Do Hoarders and Facebookers Have In Common?

What does it mean when someone keeps old, useless things?

Hoarding of old magazines, old used things that are broken. Or when it seems difficult to get rid of things that are no longer needed.

So what’s the link between Hoarders and Facebook?

Hoarders tend to keep old, sometimes useless, most of the time junk, items and store them for future use. In most cases, the crap they keep will always be useless. But they keep it around anyways and over time this behavior starts to add things up and before they know it they’ve got hundreds upon hundreds of useless things stored away.

A lot of people (not going to say ‘all’ because that’s not true) have over 100 friends on Facebook. Take me for example. I have over 200 friends on my Facebook and yet both times that I planned a wedding my guest list was about 100 people, including the kids! My Facebook friends list contains people I am friends with, people I know, have heard of, have never met, worked with, met online, met through other people, or I am familiar with their name. Not being crude, just not everyone on my list is a close friend. And in some cases I have had people on there whom I did not even get along with. They were simply there because they added me so I accepted their request (only to never hear from them). Most of those people are off my list now but you could call me a Hoarder of people, or a hoarder of “friends”, whichever you prefer!

Now, if you are a Facebooker, you are also a stalker. (You’re smiling now because you know where this one leads!) You know, those people you add on Facebook ONLY to see their newest pictures, what they are up to now, where they work, where they live, who they are married to, how many kids they have, what kind of car they drive, etc. Stalker!

One might even consider the fact that a Facebooker has something in common with hookers. I mean, that’s taking it a step farther than it needs to go of course, but in reality hookers give access to strangers (and sometimes no-so-stranger) to their most personal item-their body! Facebookers, although careful to not let everyone in (keeping some people out and keeping our profile limited to some) give access to our lives! Thus, enabling people to stalk us. We share just about everything on Facebook. We share pictures, Contact info, our many thoughts throughout the day, where we are location wise (can be posted from your phone wherever you are!), we share our friends list (people we know), etc. Facebook has a lot of personal goods on there and as I mentioned before, not everyone on our friends list is a close friend, usually. I mean, does Johnny Butterfingers from elementary school still even talk to you? How do you know he’s not a weirdo now? We can’t trust everyone but we sure trust a lot of people with the details of our lives!


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