Friendship Is Like A House

Years ago a friend of mine told me that the ideal friendship is where two people may go five years without speaking to each other but when they come in contact again it’s like they never were apart.

I agreed. But something about it never fully stuck with me. I mean, if two people are friends, wouldn’t they WANT to be a part of each others lives more often than once every five years?

This left me thinking and throughout the years I have always revisited that thought. Then last night it kinda hit me that every friendship is like a house. Here’s how:

Houses don’t just build themselves. Houses get built. I watched my dad build up three different houses since 2005 here in PEI. It takes a lot of work, dedication, and time. And once the house is built, you move on to the interior. Once the interior is done, you may want to decorate. But a house is never finished. Even if you leave it untouched for awhile, there is always something to add or take away from it. There’s always room for renovation and as times change and new styles come in, people tend to tear some things down so they can rebuild them better. Friendship is much the same!

Then there’s always the question of who we will invite into our homes. Perhaps some people we only invite in for coffee once in awhile. Perhaps others we ask to house-sit while we are away. Some we may invite over every Sunday for dinner. And some may be welcome to come and go as they please, your home is their home. All kinds of people, some almost strangers and some very close friends!

Some houses stand strong for hundreds of years, they become vintage. People admire their strength for being tough enough to stand through some of the worst storms, the craziest renovations, and witnessing some very interesting scenes.
Other houses don’t last long. Some may come down by a treturous fire, some may become flooded in a storm, hit by a tree, and others we tear down ourselves because they were just not strong enough.

And sometimes, just sometimes, we are lucky enough to find the perfect house and it becomes our home forever, because it’s just that special.



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