20 Steps to Becoming an Independant Woman.

1. Have a strong handshake.

2. Realize and be proud that women have come a long way.

3. Be a bit of a feminist, but not so much that you’re just a bitch who hates men.

4. Stand up for what you believe in.

5. Do not let anyone take advantage of you! Be assertive!

6. Be tolerant of the opinions of others, it takes strength not to give a crap. (On the other hand not if intolerant people take their intolerance too far)

7. Do not concern yourself with what other people think. There is a quote: It’s none of my business what other people think about me.

8. Don’t rely on men. I always hear or read things like, “Be with a man that thinks your beautiful … blah blah blah…No! YOU need to know you are beautiful and you should never rely on a man to do that for you!

9. Raise your self esteem. You need to know how smart, beautiful, and wonderful you are.

10. Wear red lipstick for a day 🙂

11. Write down everything you love about yourself. Put it some place safe. Read it every time you are having a down day.

12. Accept your faults and other people’s faults, as long as they are not abusive.

13. Do not let people threaten you. Take all the necessary steps in defending yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

14. Be Real! ( I can’t put enough emphasis on this one!!! ) Ex: Do not put on your happy face when you are not happy. Laugh out loud when you think something is funny. Be assertive.

15. Be punctual. Being on time shows that you want to be taken seriously. People will also start to see you as reliable.

16. Get dedicated to the things you love fighting for.

17. Don’t be a sheep. Following people around and endlessly copying them is extremely tiresome and bothersome.

18. Be true to yourself.

19. Stay fit! Exercise is a great method in seeing just how far you can push yourself.

20. Know your roots. But also know that you are not just a product of where you came from. Know your roots but start planting your own.



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