A Door: The Worst Stories Are Always The Best Stories.

The sun is shining and it is a beautiful day! So it surprised me a little bit when I just went to open my front door to let the dog in and found out that even though the sun is shining, the wind is strong! (That would be a good metaphor for someone who is smiling but real angry inside!)

To my dismay, our screen door now looks like the one in this picture! Hoping we can fix that but it’s really not what I came here to write about.

A few years back (who am i kidding…a lot of years back!) when I was 16 years old I was living in a bus/camper in a campground up on a mountain with my family in British Columbia. My folks were off to work (think it was a good 15-30 minute drive to work for them) and I was babysitting my younger brother and sister. It was mid-Winter and very cold out! I was still in my pajamas and one of our pipes had frozen. So when I turned on the water in the bathroom….alas, the pipe blew and water just started flooding in everywhere! It was a disaster!! The bus/camper flooded. I had to leave the kids with my other brother (a pre-teen at the time) and take a skateboard, sit, and roll down the hill to the main office to let them know what happened. Meanwhile my brother was trying to turn off the water but the thing was frozen. Oh my God, it was a disaster! But the point is, it makes for one hell of a funny story and a great memory (now, not then!).

So when the door blew off today my first thought was, “Great! Just one more thing on the list of things we have to fix!” It seemed like a disaster until I realized that no good story ever came out of things going perfectly. Road trips are only fun if things go wrong because there is a story to tell. Life is kinda like a road trip. We may set out with a plan or a destination, but things do go wrong and though it sucks at the time, those things are the future stories we share with others to get them through their rough times. Or maybe just stories we share over drinks to give people a laugh.

Trust me, I detest hard times and like everyone else I say stupid things like, “I wish we won the lottery.” Or “I want to travel the world.” Yeah, we all do. But in the end it’s all about those crazy nutty stories, the crazy memories we share with others, the thrills, the scares, the tears, the laughter. Hard times make for great stories [in the future]. It’s just a matter of surviving each one!



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