You Can’t Fight Who You Are!

Lately I have been watching this show called ‘Hart of Dixie.” On the show there are two main female characters who are arch enemies. One is Dr. Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) and the other is Lemon Breeland (Jamie King).

While into the first few episodes I kept thinking how great it would be to adapt a personality like Zoe Hart, fearless and genuine. While thinking that it would be a shame to be like Lemon Breeland who happens to be high strung and represses her feelings and always keeps a smile on here face. Who always has to have everything perfect and has a hard time unwinding. Who always tries real hard to make a good impression and goes out of her way to make people like her (except her enemies of course!).

See where I am going with this?

While I think it would be great to be more like the character Zoe, I realized that I’m actually a lot like Lemon. Which is funny because I can’t stand her!

Sometimes I think we try and fight who we are because we’re not happy. I look at Lemon and I think, “God, she makes people miserable!” But then when she stops putting on the act and breaks down and opens up, I think, well she’s not so bad..she’s human!

Truth be told, I would love to be more like Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn, two women who are always happy and smiling and joyful. I would love to be like Zoe Hart who is honest, genuine, and fearless. I would love to be more like Rihanna and just not care what people think because as she puts it, “People are going to judge you no matter what you do.” Unfortunately, I was born without such a free Spirit. I do care what people think and I fear just about everything (especially bugs)!

Point is, like the character’s name, Lemon’s are bitter, pale, and not too many people can take a bite out of them without cringing. But take the lemon out of Mike’s Hard Lemonade and it’s not the same!

We’re all fruits (sorry, had to use it!) but we’re not all citrus fruits. Some of us are sweet like strawberries, some of us are juicy like apples, some of us have a protective layer like oranges. We’re all different. But just because the apple envies the orange, it doesn’t ever mean it will become one someday. You are what you are so indulge yourself in that. ❤

Peace out friends!


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