Live, Laugh, Be Naked…

Not literally. I mean…live and laugh, yes, but if you show up naked at my door step I am going to assume there is Tequila involved!

When I write my blogs I am always inspired by someone or something. And at that very moment I have to drop everything and write!

So I would like to share a small excerpt of the book I am reading, Entre Nous.

“I’ve been with American women who were wild in bed, but when the love making was over they’d cover up their bodies with a t-shirt or robe to go to the bathroom. French women don’t do that. They just get up, entirely naked, and walk around. … The French girl might be as thin as a twig or as voluptuous as Venus. She might have full hips, wide haunches. It doesn’t matter. Where the American girl uses clothes to conceal and feels mercilessly exposed without them, the French girl flaunts her form and is the same person whether fully dressed or buck naked.”

(*Note: The first part was written by a French journalist named Christophe. The Author of the book is named Debra Ollivier, so not to confuse the whole love making part!)

I have to admit that I am torn when it comes to women and their insecurities or lack there of. I think it’s a fine day on Earth when a woman finally can feel confident enough being naked. I think it is a shame that so many women in North America are made to feel insecure of they do not measure up to what is on the tabloids. But I also feel that there is an alarming amount of women who, although they hate their bodies and are insecure in them, don’t care to change a damn thing. Now, some women just don’t care because they are perfectly happy being in the body they are in, and that’s fine. But if you aren’t comfortable being naked then you should ask yourself why (and again, I’m not talking about on my doorstep or in a bar! I mean in the comfort of your own home or a nude beach or a professional photo shoot or in bed with your spouse…) The only reason to feel this way is shame. Don’t believe me, ask Eve. She’s the one who started all this!

Personally, I’ve been in both situations. I have been in a place in my life where I felt so good about my body. I felt like it was more of a gift than it was a nuisance. But I have also ridden on the wagon of shame and covered up in clothes that were twice my size because I wasn’t happy with my body. And even though I’ve chosen to do something about it this year, there’s been plenty of times I have chosen to sit back and do nothing. Because it was easier to hide behind big clothes, eating chocolate and cheesy puffs while burying myself in my shame.

It’s not easy, taking care of ourselves. Trying to get out of the rut and do something about our insecurities. It’s easier to do nothing but it’s a damn shame when we do because these bodies, WOMEN’S bodies are like art! Every shape, every form, every curve, it’s all art.

My point is, if you’re not happy in your skin then DO something about it. If you are happy, then you should have no problem being naked. And finally, if you’re drinking tequila stay away from my doorstep!


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