Entomophobia … The Fear of Insects!

For those of you who know me, or have ever driven by me on the street when a bee has flown by or seen me at the beach while a flying insect has crossed my path…you know I don’t just have a fear of insects…I have a PHOBIA.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and be honest…I am having a pretty hard time typing this right now with the image of a spider right there on the screen. I don’t like it. In fact, I hate it.

There…..Phew….I was able to scroll down and now I can’t see it. 🙂

Earlier today, before making supper, I encountered a spider on my ceiling. I was a bit shaken but I got a sneaker and got up on a chair and got ready to kill it…and then it happened…I saw a second spider (it looked like those tiny jumping spiders which really freak me out), so I hopped off the chair and ran to the kitchen. I’m pretty sure in the moments (hours) to follow I had a panic attack. My chest was tight, my legs & arms felt like jello, my heart rate was through the roof, and every second I kept looking up afraid that there would be a spider above my head! And every black spot, every moving cob web, every speckle and spot became my enemy! All because two little spiders couldn’t just stay in their hole and leave my livingroom ceiling alone!

It’s not healthy, I know that! But I have had a phobia of every possible living insect (yes, even lady bugs) since I was a little girl. Because of it I’ve always detested Summer (yes, you heard it cause I said it..Summer is my arch enemy!).

Today, after realizing how bad this phobia has a hold of my life, I decided to google my way out for some help. Well, Google, I’m sorry to say but holding a stuffed spider teddy bear is about as close as I will ever allow myself to get! Holding a real spider, a big spider, or any insect in that matter…well, it’s just not gonna happen! Sigh, (it probably will to tell you the truth. Seems to be the only way out of this crap phobia).

So…now you know. Tanya Jory is petrified…mortified…horrified of bugs! All sizes, all shapes, all kinds. So, one day,  when I die and I am buried in the ground, all who love me dearly better assure that I am in the most airtight casket known to man because I’ll be damned if my rotting body so much as has a fly on it! 😉


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