Has Prayer Become The New “Whining” and “Bargaining”?

Dear Lord,
Today was a rough day! I went to the bank and they told me I only have $18.00 until Friday, payday. I guess that means I cannot join my friends on our lunch date tomorrow. Not to mention, my vehicle just landed itself in the garage. Turns out one of the wheel bearings needs to be replaced.
*Sigh* Tomorrow I will ask my friends to pray for me.

When did prayer become so…pointless?

You know, years and years ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and at the time we were all Christians. She had so many people praying for her and yet she still just got sicker and sicker until she passed away. So you can’t blame me if it upsets me some that people pray for the stupidest things now.

If I were God I’d remind people that they aren’t complete idiots. Life can be puzzling and present many challenges, but some are meant to just be solved using………the BRAIN! Not everything has to be presented to God in prayer! I’ve actually seen people write (on Facebook), “I am broke until payday, pray for me.” What??!! You don’t honestly think there are bigger problems in this world?

When I was 16 I prayed for Britney Spears, and to this day I laugh about it! That was a dead end! But at least I chose to pray for something that mattered. Praying for vehicles and money and endless, pointless, matters…that’s a different story.

We are human and we now live in a world where everything comes SO easy! I don’t go to Church or even claim to be a Christian, but I believe prayer was created for something much deeper than the things I have seen and heard in the last few years. I am tired of seeing the misuse of it! If people are going to use Prayer, let it be what it is…communication. Not even the most romantic relationships work out if all the people are doing is asking constant silly favors from one another. Prayer IS communication, between the human and their God they believe so strongly in. Prayer is not going to a vending machine and trying to decide what useless things to pray for today.

I don’t mean to offend, I just feel I need to send out a gentle reminder to many people I’ve read/heard things from over the years, that Prayer is more than an empty bank account or a broken vehicle or a road trip gone bad or a TV show delayed. I could write a book on this subject! So I better just stop here.


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2 Responses to Has Prayer Become The New “Whining” and “Bargaining”?

  1. townshipsmum says:

    I totally agree, Tanya. I was just listening to an otherwise good CD tonight and a song came on called “Bless me indeed”. It just seems so wrong-headed to pray for blessings to rain down on us when so many have so little and when Jesus himself went without so many material blessings. Not to say I don’t think God blesses, because I know He does, but those kinds of prayers are definitely a distraction from the real thing. Thanks for posting!

    • Thank you Esther! I guess it’s just been some of the things lately that I see people asking their friends to pray for and I think how selfish it is. There are some things we can do for ourselves, we should not need God’s help in making $20 last until payday! If it’s that hard then sell the Flat screen TV and make a few hundred bucks lol.
      Thanks for the comment, I always LOVE hearing feedback on my posts đŸ™‚

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